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    We do whatever it takes to make sure children don’t just survive but thrive. Helper believes that every child should be able to make their mark on their world and help build a better future.

    Our Mission

    Our organization pursues several goals that can be identified as our mission. Learn more about them below.

    Saving Children

    Our main mission is to save and rescue permanently displaced children.

    Peace On The Planet

    By working with our partners, we aim to establish peaceful relationships.

    Care & Protection

    We provide global care and protection to support children all over the world.

    Latest Causes

    At Helper, there are various charity causes and projects, in which you can always take part. Feel free to learn about them below or browse our website for more information.

    About Helper

    Our charity organization was founded in 1994 based on the acute need to raise money for disadvantaged and at-risk children.

    Helper Charity steps in where health care ends, providing direct help to children with special needs. For over 30 years, we have ensured that children have the support to reach their potential and thrive. Since our foundation, we have distributed more than $30 million in funding to families and organizations in communities.

    Help the Global Cause


    Recent News

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